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This is the place where you can share your expereinces you have had on the internet by way of shaming those who send you unwanted messages throughout the thousands of platforms available to do so on the net. You can expose those that send you sexually explicit messages/or other such content, those that bully you, or shame those you defeated with banter (this is the fun bit of this website).

There are many ways for you to share your expereinces with other users of this website, you can submit full stories if you wish to type, you can submit screenshots (in sequence of conversations you have), to find out more about submitting content to this website CLICK HERE.

Here are some random posts sent in by other users:

Beckii J Tag

Beckii J – Scam

This is obviously a real image of a real person ...
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2-3 Inches Shorter In Size (Men)

Very quick witted reply to this status. Women wishing to ...
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Charlie Charlie

Charlie Charlie Two Lines Dumb Ass people

Surely people can not believe this kind of bull!! Draw ...
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Scottish Romance

Scottish Romance

How a Romantic Scotsman sweeps the Ladies off their feet ...
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Batman Breakup

The Batman Breakup

A superhero's way of ending a relationship!! Not that this ...
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A whole one day later

When Sexually Frustrated Women Forget What They Wrote The Day Before

A majority of us have social profiles nowadays, along with ...
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Grammar Piss Take

The problem with knowing when to use "You're" and "Your" ...
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When A Girl Touches Herself v When A Guy Touches Himself

The battle of the sexes. This really does seem to ...
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Social Shamed Logo

NSA Bully?

danny.t995 on skype started abusing me, informing me he works ...
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Invite To A Black Swingers Party

Invites to Parties are nice, well sometimes, it always depends ...
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Snap Chat

Explain Snap Chat And Make Yourself Look A Numpty

Some people do like to help others, however it is ...
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Posting A Status Stating How You Feel At 7 In The Morning!!

Posting a status stating how you feel at 7o'clock in ...
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Male Message

When You Get Asked If Your Gay On A Dating Site

Your sitting there minding your own business then all of ...
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Does This Guy Really Want To Eat His Own Mom Out?

Sending a text message of this standard to the wrong ...
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Army Man

Protected By This Type Of Soldier

It appears that this man is in the Armed Forces ...
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Jeremy Kyle Show Is Now A Modelling Agency

When you receive a random/spam message from a stranger asking ...
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